Volume 3, Issue 3, June 2015, Page: 42-49
(TOE) a Theory of Everything
Loparev Nikolay, Private research institute “ Sirius A + Logos”, astrophysics and mathematics department, London, German
Received: Apr. 17, 2015;       Accepted: Apr. 28, 2015;       Published: May 11, 2015
DOI: 10.11648/j.ijass.20150303.13      View  4516      Downloads  187
It is (TOE) a theory of everything that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena with unify of all the fundamental interactions of nature: the gravitation, the strong interaction, the weak interaction and the electromagnetism also explains the existence of the elementary particles.
A Theory of Everything, The Black Holes and the White Holes, m-Theory, A New Algorithm for the Calculation of the Weak Gravity
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